BJP wants Babush sacked, CM decides to wait

Even as the Bharatiya Janata Party demanding the sacking of Babush Monserrate from the ministerial post, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat preferred to tread a cautious path stating that he cannot comment until he get the official version of what exactly transpired.
Speaking to Goa Chronicle.com, Digambar Kamat said he cannot comment on media reports and has to wait for official confirmation of what has exactly happened from the police. “There are conflicting reports, and I need to ascertain the facts,” he said.

He said that the amount of money found is not yet known and whether his minister has been detained or arrested is also not clear.
Meanwhile, the BJP has demanded the sacking of Babush Monserrate on grounds that people who do not respect the law of the land do not deserve to be ministers.
“This was bound to happen someday and perhaps it has happened now in the best interest of Goa,” quipped BJP spokesperson Rajendra Arlekar.
He said the manner in which Babush Monserrate was railroading his way in Goan politics was not healthy for the State and it was obvious that the money power he wielded was from illicit sources, which has now been proven, he said.
“One cannot expect any Congressman to resign on moral grounds and hence there is no point in asking for Babush’s resignation,” he said adding that his party was demanding his dismissal from the council of ministers.

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