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BJP working against Bahujan Samaj: Shantaram Naik

Congress is trying to lure the Bahujan Samaj votes by criticizing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for not allowing BJP Member of Parliament (MP) Shripad Naik to contest the assembly election Congress MP Shantaram Naik on Monday said that BJP appears to have a systematic plan in place to crush Bahujan Samaj from gaining prominence in Goan politics

Naik told media persons, “Although what BJP decide to do with their MP Shripad Naik’s desire to contest is their internal party matter, rumors are that local BJP leadership won’t allow him to raise his head in local politics.”

Naik also said that BJP’s mission ‘Salcete 2’ is going to be a disaster again. “How will BJP explain to the minorities the acts of vandalism to chapels, molestation of nuns and harassment of members of their communities in Karnataka and other states?” he said.

Naik said that Congress party is confident of a majority on their own and NCP is going to be their valued partner in the government. He stated that people of Goa hate arrogance and they would not like to support a party whose leadership is arrogant.

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