Black fungus: A fatal icing on the “corona” cake?

The unwelcome commencement of Mucormycosis or the black fungus has given rise to the “mare’s nest” situation. When the country is still fighting against this deadly coronavirus, now the fungi have come into foul play.

The black fungus had been recognized as indisputably lethal, which affects the corona patients. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), specific symptoms have been highlighted that ensures this fungal infection.

These symptoms involve a one-sided headache and blockage of the nasal region, including a blackish discharge. This is the case of sinusitis. Discoloration or patches on the nose, pain in jawlines and cheekbones, loss of teeth is also commonly followed by thrombosis, chest pain, blur vision, numbness, swelling, and pleural effusion.

Doctors from various centers have stated a common mention regarding the deadly effect of the black fungus on the diabetic patients. In the case of people having diabetes, the sugar level remains high, which would mean low immunity. Moreover, if steroids are used to treat corona patients who already have diabetes, it would automatically raise the sugar level and make the patient more prone to get under the influence of the fatal black fungus.

Moreover, other patients suffering from kidney, cancer, liver, and other major organ-related diseases are also in the good books of this black fungus. For these people and diabetic patients, maintenance of the sugar and glucose level is crucial. The lack of physical involvement like yoga and exercise also worsens the immunity of these people by affecting their health. However, this is a very rarely occurring infection in people but could be life-threatening for those affected badly.

The story of the fatal fungi doesn’t end here. The new fungus named “white fungus” has also come into action and was first diagnosed in Patna Medical College and Hospital. It is supposed to be more fatal than black fungus as it affects almost all the body parts apart from the brain or lungs merely.

Noticing the prior potential of the corona, the introduction of the deadly effect of black fungus has proved that there is nothing best since the sliced bread. In a way or two, both the fungi would attack the ones with lower immunity and patients suffering from an organ disease that would risk their chances of getting affected.

Carrying the mortality rate of about fifty percent, black fungus still remains a rare and indisputably lethal infection along with the prior torments of the crisis. Lots of deaths due to black fungus had been reported, but the diagnosis at the right time could still save the affected person.

It has been asked by the government to aid in the decision to proclaim this black fungus as an epidemic and declare it under the “Epidemic Disease Act,” according to a letter from Health Ministry. Few of the states have already declared this as an epidemic, like Rajasthan, Telangana, Gujarat, etc. Odisha, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Chandigarh have notified it under “Epidemic Disease Act 1897” while Maharashtra has also reported many deaths due to black fungus.

Presently, the white fungus and the black one are supposed to be the reason for agony in the coming days. More and more precautions have been a sore measure of saving human lives before this fungal group of black and white seizes the actual colors from our lives.

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