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Black Fungus cases found among COVID and Diabetes patients

New Delhi: Recently, some patients who have recovered from the COVID 19 infection have been observed facing the issue of ‘Black Fungus’ infection, which can target any part of the body.

Such cases have been seen in the Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

East Delhi Medical Centre’s Dr Paras Gangwal told UNI-Varta that the disease is called ‘Mucormycosis’ in which this fungus enters the parts inside the body and starts affecting those organs.

The particular part or organ gets affected badly and which can go upto the extent of needing to amputate the part.

Dr Gangwal said that this fungus is commonly present in the environment, but, those with lesser immunity and disease fighting capacity get infected.

People who are suffering from diabetes, or have gone through organ transplant and other organ diseases, and those who have low resistance to diseases, makes them an easy target for the fungus.

These are opportunistic fungi that are found in soil, as well as in the mouth, nasal passages and feces of healthy individuals.

This fungus reaches the nasal cells through inhalation and in case of more infection it promotes severe nasal disease (sinusitis) and in addition to the eyes and brain cells, bones.

He said that this infection is being seen more in the patients of Corona because the body immunity of such patients decreases and they are given steroids, and, if such patients already have diabetes then their sugar level tends to go up further due to the medication.

The doctor has suggested that in view to avoid this, people need to have good diet and nutrition in order to increase their immunity to fight diseases, in which the amount of protein should be taken in good quantity, vitamin deficiency can be met with vitamin supplementation an done must follow a healthy routine.

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