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Black Lives Matter protesters cleared from streets in New York’s Manhattan

Washington: Hundreds of police officers in riot gear forcibly cleared Union Square park in central New York from Black Lives Matter protesters after hours of scuffles and detentions, media reported on Friday.

A rally organized by the Black Lives Matter began earlier in the evening through the streets of Manhattan and congregated on Union Square Park, a traditional protesting location, chanting slogans against US President Donald Trump.

The rally was initially peaceful but occasional outbursts of violence saw officers detain dozens of protesters.

Shortly after, a large number of riot gear-clad police officers began to arrive on bicycles. They cordoned off the park and began pushing the main bulk of protesters off the streets with sporadic detentions taking place. Several dozen docile rally participants remain in the streets with heavy police presence.

Tensions are high in the US as incumbent Trump and Democratic contender Joe Biden remain neck-and-neck in the high stakes presidential election.

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