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Black Money goes out of India, Dollar goes High: Dr Swamy

Panjim, Sept 23 (GCNews) While India reels under the falling rupee with no respite in sight, it appears that Member of Parliament and senior BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy has decoded the mystery behind the volatile India rupee.

According to the well-learned yet controversial politician, Indian Rupee was falling as the currency was leaving the country in the form of black money.

Speaking at a function in South Goa, he also said that US Dollar would as long as the US would remain the most developed nation in the world, its currency would remain the most powerful.

“The problem of rupee falling has not got to do with American perfidy. It is got to do with the fact, that large number of rupees in this country in black money, are now fleeing the country and when there is an oversupply of rupee to the dollar, the value is bound to go down,” he said.

”The dollar will continue to rule the roost in global economy as long as America is the most developed country in the world. The day they cease to be, some other currency will come. At the moment there is no challenge to the dollar,” the senior BJP leader said.


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