Black Money Trail: Goa Politicians under Intelligence Agencies Radar

In a shocking development in the investigations surrounding the Black Money stashed by politicians and high-level business houses in other countries, Central Intelligence Agencies have exclusively revealed to GoaChronicle.com that prominent politicians and businessmen from Goa names feature in their investigations and have come under their radar. A GoaChronicle.com exclusive…

With the country reeling under the news that a parallel economy exists in India, wherein black money running over Rs 55, 00,000 crore are stashed in banks in different tax-haven and non-tax haven countries; Central Intelligence agencies in the last couple of months have initiated aggressive investigations into the black money trail post the Hassan Ali Rs 70,000 crore tax-default report. While politicians and business houses across the country in different states are under the investigating radar of the Central Agencies, GoaChronicle.com has learned through high ranking officials in Central Investigating agencies that prominent politicians and business houses from Goa too are under their radar and shocking details of international bank accounts, real estate assets and holdings in foreign companies have been unearthed through their investigations.

On strict condition of anonymity, a joint director of a Central Intelligence agency has revealed that at this point of time 60 names from Goa are on the list, prominent politicians some of whom are Cabinet rank ministers and businessmen. And for the last six months, movements and international travel of these suspicious politicians and businessmen have been under watch; and even put on the Intelligence watch have been the movements of their families and close friends. While in the initial months the watch on these suspects was basic, post the Babush Monserrate incident with Customs and its suspected cover-up operations from some senior politicians in the Centre, the Intelligence watch on these politicians and businessmen have intensified.
It is learnt that in the last months travel to Dubai, Kuwait, London, Doha, Mauritius, USA, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand, even recent trips to Brazil and Argentina have been tracked and information gathered which will become a part of a comprehensive Intelligence report on the Black Money trail.

GoaChronicle.com has also learnt that money from Rs 10 crore to as high as Rs 3000 crore are lying in deposits in international banks in countries which are predominantly tax-havens, while real estate assets in International destinations have been tracked and front companies run by the politicians and their associates are under the knowledge of the Intelligence agencies.
In fact Intelligence Agencies have learnt that though it seems that while some of the politicians and businessmen work independently, there exists a nexus between most politicians and businessmen; and their pattern of frequent travel along with close friends has indicated that there is a strong nexus. It has also been revealed that every month that some politicians have been making international trips either on the pretext of some government work or on invitation from Goan associations abroad or on business interest in international countries. Companions travelling with some of the politicians act as carriers, though in most cases the companions change depending on the destination travelled too or the frequency of travel; however most politicians seem to be more comfortable travelling with familiar companions some of whom are businessmen with businesses in Goa and other parts of India.

It is also learnt that in this money laundering nexus that exists; the Intelligence agencies have managed to find a chink in the armor, and some companions of the politicians have been revealing this information to Intelligence agencies, in fact some ministers with smaller interests in this nexus are talking to different informers of the Intelligence agencies in the hope that no heat falls on them.
Illegal money from mining, drugs and real estate seem to be main sources of the funds that politicians have been stashing in foreign countries. Extortion money and strong links with the underworld have also come to light.
This black money trail and nexus that exists between politicians and some businessmen also feature bureaucrats that have been travelling out of India on some government work pretext but duty which is not under their scope of work. And this nexus extends across political party lines and is not related to a single political party.

Details of real estate assets and front business companies are known to Intelligence agencies, even information of the people met with on international trips are known to them. For example apartments and shops in Dubai, Doha, Kuwait and Muscat owned by front men of some politicians are known to them.
What has also been learnt that the rising black money transactions by most of the politicians and businessmen in the state and their storage areas within Goa is also known; but so far no firm action will be taken as the intent is to put a noose around the entire nexus. But in the coming months, GoaChronicle.com would not be surprised that there would raids on the houses and key places of some of the politicians. Also more importantly it is learnt that strong focus is on 6 cabinet ranks ministers and 13 MLAs who are a part of the current Goa Legislative Assembly, who are considered to be the prime suspects in the black money trail.

While the expected amount of the illegal money stashed by politicians and businessmen from Goa is considered to be small when compared to the overall black money trail and other politicians from the some other states; Intelligence agencies are probing into the connections of the Goa politicians and businessmen with some high-ranking politicians and whether these suspects are part of the larger nexus of the parallel economy.
With the Supreme Court constituting a Special Investigating Team to track the black money stashed in foreign countries, CBI officers presence in Mauritius and subsequently in other countries, and the investigations on Hassan Ali which is expected reveal much more; in the months ahead more skeletons are expected to emerge out of the closet and some prominent politicians and businessmen currently in the line of investigations will be revealed.

Some names of the politicians under the radar are known to GoaChronicle.com but we have been advised not to at any point of time reveal the names of the politicians or businessmen as it would hamper the on-going investigations, until the process of the investigations are complete and a report on the same is presented to concerned people at the Centre. Therefore in lieu of the on-going investigations and in the hope this nexus is exposed in the months ahead, we will be abiding with the instructions of the Intelligence agencies. But we believe and are confident that our readers will be able to sum up the usual suspects.

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