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Blacklist Companies Supplying Sub-Standard Drugs: Micky

Goa’s expose on sub-standard drugs being supplied to patients in Goa reverberated in the Goa Legislative Assembly on Tuesday with Micky Pacheco demanding that the government blacklist the companies that supplied these sub-standard drugs.
Speaking on the demands for the Public Health Department, he pointed out that sub-standard iron folic capsules, adversely affected not only the patient but also the foetus. Iron folic capsules are prescribed for pregnant women to provide the additional iron required by them during the pregnancy.

He criticized the department for the failure of its quality control mechanisms that failed to detect the sub-standard quality of the capsules which resulted in them being administered to thousands of women during 2008 to 2010.
Micky Pacheco demanded action against the Goa Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd., And the Modern Laboratories from Madhya Pradesh and pointed out that of the 5.29 lakh sub-standard capsules distributed throughout Goa only 1.43 lakh were returned to the Department.
Food and Drugs Administration following random tests on 10 different occasions found that 30 per cent of the iron folic capsules were to be sub-standard.

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