Blackmailing the Judiciary

The Supreme Court of India being seized of the Goa mining issue it is highly improper that the issue is being raised on the streets. All concerned including the government should leave it to the wisdom and authority of the Supreme Court to adjudicate all issues concerning the mining imbroglio.

As a Republic founded on the Rule of Law, the legal wisdom of the Supreme Court is indeed supreme and the will of the people can be supreme only if it is within the four corners of that supremacy of the law. May the anarchists of all hues take note of this elementary postulate of a civilized Democratic State.

It is the rampant failure of our elected representatives and the Government to adhere to the laws of the land, and to ensure that all others do likewise, which brought about the intervention of the Supreme Court in this matter. It will not take us anywhere if some desperados are allowed to take shelter under the suffering of the people in order to abuse the Supreme Court.

There is no dispute that legal mining has to resume. But we are all aware that the mining issue has landed in the Supreme Court due to the failure of the successive governments from the year 2000 to act against the rampant illegal mining which has inflicted an irreparable damage to Goa’s ecology and environment.

The malafide moves to try and pressurize the Supreme Court will never yield any fruits. Courts go by the rule of law and will never cave down to such highly contemptuous acts. The Supreme Court will definitely take cognizance of this current judiciary bashing which is in utter bad taste. Above all, it is an affront to the Rule of Law and an offense amounting to browbeating of the judicial processes.

Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister should have taken a lead to appeal to all those concerned to leave the issue to the Supreme Court. Instead for ulterior political motives he is fuelling emotions against the highest court of the land. Manohar Parrikar’s utter disrespect for the judiciary is nothing new. Not long ago he was hauled up for contempt by the Bombay High Court at Goa and had to tender an unconditional apology.

The suggestion that all the forty MLAs should resign to create a constitutional crisis is laughable. Goa would be better off if it gets a respite by way of stint of President’s rule to set straight the current sordid state of affairs.


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