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Blast at eatery in Navelim

At 4.00 am this morning, Carol’s eatery at Navelim, South Goa witnessed a blasts that shattered outlet and also damaged a few of the hoardings of other shops in the vicinity.

Goa Police investigating the blast site have told that the blast was caused by leakage of a cylinder. However, the lady owner of the eatery when questioned by revealed that they are surpised that it is a gas leak that caused the blasts and resultant damage, since the cylinder taken by the police was not damaged, except for the gas pipe. They also were surprised that the kitchen in which the gas cylinder was stationed had the least impact of the blasts compared to the other seating area of the eatery. PI Sudesh Naik, said, “Our investigations have revealed that blasts occured due to a gas cylinder leak.”

The Goa Police rushed to the site with its bomb squad experts and are convinced that the blasts is nothing more that a gas cylinder leak and not an act of any anti-social elements. They also confirmed that there were no casualties.

However, the Central intelligence unit in Goa, is skeptical about the nature of the blasts and are keeping a serious watch on certain incidents over the last couple of days (especially the capture of two criminals with swords in Margao after a chase) and previous intel reports indicating to the possibility of a terror strike in Goa before Eid.

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