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Blast Rips Off Flat At Navelim

A high intensity blast ripped through a flat at Mandopa in Navelim causing panic amongst the residents of the colony. Fortunately nobody was injured as the owners of the flat were out of station when the incident occurred.
The doors and windows of the flat situated on the first floor landed about 100 mts away from the site while the laterite kitchen loft came crashing down and the grills of the balcony were flung about 30 mts away due to the impact of the blast.

The flat on the ground floor also suffered damage with cracks appearing on the living room walls and the window panes were damaged. The sound of the blast was heard nearly a km away.
Fortunately, the occupants of the flat Tauseef Sayed and his family were in Bangalore when the incident occurred.
Fire personnel who rushed to the site could not ascertain the cause of the blast. However, they ruled out any bomb being used as no explosive substance remnants were found in the flat nor did the explosion vapour device spot any suspended explosive particles.
Even though the LPG cylinder was found intact, the stove was flung outside the builder. The regulator of the cooking gas cylinder was found to be on. Fire personnel did not rule out the possibility of gas leaking from the regulator and collecting in the kitchen resulting in the blast. Such incident had occurred earlier at Caranzalem, revealed the Fire Services personnel.
Incidentally, the living room of the flat was totally damaged and everything there was burnt including the television set. The main door to the flat was flung on the staircase leading to it thereby blocking access to the flat.
However, given the fact that the drawers and cupboards in the flat were found to be open, police are also looking into the possibility of theft being attempted. Police Inspector Santosh Dessai said that the owners had informed him over the telephone that there were no valuables kept in the house hence the thieves, if there were any, could not have found anything.

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