Blockchain Summit India 2019 to Bring Together Experts and Stakeholders for Channeling India’s Potential around the Technology

The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, is all set to organize the “Blockchain Summit India” on 22nd and 23rd February 2019, to channel India’s potential around blockchain and crypto economy. An initiative by Auxesis group, a Blockchain technology company working towards building technology infrastructure and protocols for mainstream enterprise adoption, the event has already created a buzz in the international blockchain front.

Block Chain Summit India 2019

Connecting over 5,000 people including politicians, decision makers, knowledge tanks, and tech innovators, the event has already managed to create a buzz. To be hosted at the Noida campus of IIM, Lucknow, the summit aims at harnessing India’s potential in blockchain and crypto. The event will see eminent speakers from the union ministry, entrepreneurs from across the globe and noteworthy faculties from the leading educational institutions of the nation come together to present their thoughts.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, recently mentioned that, “Emerging fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, blockchain, and big data can take India to new heights of development, and improve the quality of life of its citizens.” True to these words, India is steadily stepping ahead towards a digital future with blockchain emerging as the foundation of a new developmental era and widespread growth.

The event is the first edition in a series called “Vision Blockchain 2030”. Visitors and attendees will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas, network, and gain insights on the recent developments in the blockchain domain across the governmental as well as the business world.

In a first, the co-organizers, Proviar Solutions Pvt. Ltd, will also bring together artists, technologists, hippies, marketers, researchers, and radicals for a common cause. The summit aims to help broaden the horizon on and help draft new policies in developing a fruitful blockchain ecosystem and work towards the future of a new India.

Expert or beginners alike can book their tickets with immediate effect for an early bird discount!

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