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Blood Racing Careers are in hiding

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are referred to in mnemonic as S.T.E.M all over the world. This is the space where most innovation happens and because of which time enjoys the success of experiments + results for mankind. Needless to say, these are streams where the most exciting jobs and careers are, although not hyped enough to be a major lure; certainly not in these current times when design, art and word crafts have taken quite a stage.

Doctors and NASA however stay top of the mind but most other professions in S.T.E.M sit obscure. In the Indian context scientists at BARC and ISRO make the cut as Apex places to be, but most do not know that S.T.E.M jobs in India by a large percentage are rudimentary. It is like the Electronic Engineer who dreamed of changing India who ends up repairing some machine to call it a job and dries up his ambition in 3 years.


S.T.E.M seriousness Indicators 

In a nation, value for these streams is not actually reflected in just jobs or careers people hold in these lines. Uncanny as it is S.T.E.M attachment of a county and its people is reflected in movies & television.

In the world of films SCI Fi is Apex because it is based in S.T.E.M and will demand intelligent writers, directors, sound experts and visual artist. Now ponder -why does India not make Sci Fi. We do not even have a dozen Sci-Fi Book writers. Is this telling?

In the world of engineering, robotics is the Apex because it demands deep study of biology and technology + ability for intense innovation. India does not truly invest in robotics like Japan or the US. Why?

In the world of future studies, space communication with other occupants of the universe & teletransportation are the Apex. It demands wild investment, research, scientists, and geniuses at work. India does not experiment in this space. Why?


Under-tapped talent pool

India has the largest number of Graduates, Masters and PHD in Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics yet not enough euphoria, interest in the masses or focus by Business leaders and the Government. We have to remember change in thinking is top down. Until we begin to love innovation, seek child prodigies, award geniuses, invest in small labs and fund dreamers nothing will move forward.


The future is here already 

There was a movie named ISLAND, which was about a Human Parts Factory. Many of us think of it as fantasy, a narration by an excellent creative mind.  But the more one reads on genetic engineering & advancement in cell cloning, you will be inclined to think that, that Island may exist somewhere already.

Maybe the Deep State we fear & talk about so much as controllers of our lives are playing God for themselves first- before being God of us. And if that is true then there are 100% doppelgangers with mirrored DNA as well. If Science is advanced enough to replace parts from your own likeness, then that leaves only one advancement left – the movement of soul brain to the younger cloned self & with that Eternity is possible. If Elon Musk dreams of inhabiting Mars or searching for a fresh planet to colonize, spending Billions it is time we rest that critiquing mind on thunderous possibilities in S.T.E.M. Just because we are naive and far removed from funded cover research and development does not mean it is not happening.

There is surely a long wait on creating immortality but either way none of these will ever be available for nobody is like the vast majority. Even among the uber rich it will be considered only by the ethically flaky with a desire to outlive the natural plan. The market for advanced S.T.E.M is not the general population.

And that mean what we call science & technology is not the actual length or scale of its expansion. S.T.E.M is ruled by discreet groups whose objective is not invention for mass application of scientific progress. In fact, a critical sub goal is to shield the world from what can be done.

In retrospect such selfishness is perhaps a good thing. The order of nature stays intact. Real disturbance is at a fraction of a third digit after decimal of .00x

This however also means if you want to do REVOLUTIONARY work and be on an adrenalin high on the job this is the space to be in. Wish, hope, and pray our business leaders and government take cognizance of the need to push S.T.E.M

Seema Raghunathan

A Business & HR professional with forty percent of career in leading an HR Business consultancy. The remainder of her 24-year work experience was spent in Corporate India. Her experience traversed respected brands like Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Fullerton India, and John Deere with exposure in Banks, NBFC, Insurance, ITES, and Manufacturing & Consulting.
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