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Blue Origin successfully tests ‘astronaut rehearsal’ test flight

Washington: Blue Origin, the private space company funded by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, said on Wednesday that it has has successfully tested an astronaut rehearsal test flight of its New Shepherd rocket system.

“Capsule, touchdown! Our stand-in astronauts are on their way out to the capsule to rehearse recovery procedures for hatch opening and astronaut egress,” the company said via Twitter. “A huge congrats to the entire Blue Origin team on another New Shepard launch.”

Blue Origin said the booster that took the capsule to the edge of outer space had a successful landing as well.
Mission Control confirmed that the capsule separated from the booster, reached the edge of outer space and free floated back to earth, the company said.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard system features a single booster topped with a crew capsule designed to carry paying space tourists to the edge of outer space, about 60 miles above Earth’s surface. After separating, the capsule floats for a few minutes in microgravity before returning to Earth with parachutes while the reusable booster rocket lands on its own.

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