Bollywood singer says she is okay after testing positive of Coronavirus

Lucknow, Mar 20 (GCEntertainment) Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who had been diagnosed with Covid 19 has claimed that she is on isolation under doctors treatment and doing well.

In a statement issued here on Friday, Kanika said ,”Hello everyone, for the past 4 days I have had signs of flu, I got myself tested and it came positive for Covid-19.
My family and I are in complete quarantine now and following medical advice on how to move forward. Contact mapping of people I have been in touch with is underway as well.”

She further said “I was scanned at the airport as per normal procedure 10 days ago when I came back home. The symptoms have developed only 4 days ago.”

Kanika said at this stage I would like to urge you all to practice self isolation and get tested if you have the signs.

“I am feeling ok, like a normal flu and a mild fever, however we need to be sensible citizens at this time and think of all around us,” she added.
Appealing to the people not to get panic, she said ,”We can get through this without panic only if we listen to the experts and our local, state and central government directives.”

Lastly she said ,”Wishing everyone good health. Jai Hind ! Take care-KK”.

Kanika was among the four new Covid 19 patient detected in Lucknow on Friday.

Via UNI-India

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