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Bonderam Festival at Divar

Piedade Youth Association on Saturday organised their annual Bonderam festival which attracted a large crowd from not only the island villages but also different parts of Goa. A festive atmosphere prevailed on the island and in keeping with the name of the festival, bonderam were seen everywhere.
The float parade began quite late from the scheduled time as the local residents did not come out in town even though visitors from other parts of Goa were present in quite large numbers. Rain also played spoilsport towards the end and only four floats could really perform properly.

There was an enthusiastic response for the fancy dress competition with quite a number of children and adults participating. Men in drag was quite common as you had a Maharashtrian woman, a lady from Africa and even one draping the Portuguese flag and dancing with gay abandon to the music playing in the background.
In fact football was quite prominent at the venue as Waka Waka could be heard all the time with two groups even dancing to this chartbuster.
The floats had football, Goa’s traditional occupations, Goa’s landmarks and even African culture and musical instruments at their themes.
Significantly, though there were a lot of people carrying fotasheos with them, none were used as earlier there were complaints as they can prove to be quite painful.

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