Book In Konkani Advocating Safe Sex

Niramay Kamjeevan, a book in Devnagiri Konkani advocating safe sex and discussing various issues related to sexuality, was released on Sunday by Rajhans Publications. The book is a translation of an originally Marathi book written by Dr. Vithal Prabhu that has entered its 29th edition proving its popularity.
In a bid to reach out to the youngsters, the publishers have priced the book at only Rs. 100 and according to Director of Institute of Emotional and Social Wellness, Education and Research Dr. Meenakshi Martins, the book will be a landmark in Konkani literature besides being a big help to youngsters seeking answers to the various questions troubling them over their changing sexuality.

The author of the original 419 page book Dr. Prabhu recalled that erotica was not a taboo in ancient India and that is why erotic carvings adorn many temple walls. However, it became taboo in recent past though the perception is now changing and more and more people are willing to talk about sex and sexuality.
“The book is not aimed at encouraging sex but educates people on issues related to it and also promotes safe sex,” he said.
Prabhakar Bhide of Rajhans Publications while admitting that the challenge before them was to take the book to as many people as possible, was confident that it would save many lives as the book will equip its readers to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

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