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Border Disengagement

After over nine months of standoff between the armies at the India-China border, the Défense Minister of India on 11th of February informed the nation that a breakthrough has been achieved in the North and South banks of the Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh region. Though this certainly is a positive news, it also brings to us a recollection of how things turned out to be in this period. This news, thus, certainly invites for the people of India to not forget the hidden realities these nine months introduced us to unmasking many.


In the very initial stages of this border standoff, many self-proclaimed intellectuals did everything from undermining the capabilities of the Indian Army in tackling such situations to speaking for the Chinese investment and advancement in their armed forces showing their might with the sole purpose of peddling propaganda. It was appalling to read many online news portals writing articles with titles like “Chinese Boots on the Indian Fingers”. Unlike our army men who were relentlessly fighting for us, these people sitting in their studios did everything to break their morale. The opposition claiming that the Chinese have already entered and captured the Indian side of the LAC and many media houses trumpeting behind them, resorted to bizarre manipulations of the satellite images. Little did they even try to clarify that the conflict was related to the buffer zone- as the LAC is not to be taken literally as a line on the land but an area in itself marked by fingers from 1 to 8. The situation became even worse when on 15th June 2020, 20 of our soldiers including Colonel Santosh Babu attained martyrdom due to the treachery from the other side. Instead of paying condolences and recognizing their valiance, it was politics that the cabal chose to prioritize. From the demands of hiding the fact that the martyrs belonged to the Bihar Regiment of the Indian Army referring to the coming elections to abusing the Prime Minister for unfounded claims, no opportunity was missed. Nevertheless, what really matters is the fact that the common Indian citizens have still not lost their souls to such immoral agendas and revere our protectors in uniform.


These common citizens were shocked over the fact that one of the biggest national parties, the Indian National Congress signed an agreement with the Communist Party of China in 2008, the details of which are still not completely known. They felt disappointed when they were told by the same intellectuals to trust what China said about the casualties in the June conflict. This is a country that still hasn’t shared the COVID data globally and is accepting the number of deaths in instalment, of course only till they find convenience in doing so. Why would anyone trust them over the Government of India and above all the Indian army that gave us the details of how bravely they avenged the death of our men in which their wrath took away almost double the lives of our enemy?


As after so long, it seems that the country is emerging from this tense situation, it is very much needed that the authorities keep following up the situation consistently. The army shall be given full liberty to act as per their understanding of the situation. Also, as China holds expertise in things like the Salami Slicing and psychological wars, we as citizens must not let wasted interests both within and without to ‘bleed India with thousand cuts’ under the garb of politically correct looking populist issues. A country as diverse as India when comes together for something, it shows their resolve towards what genuinely holds meaning. This time- let us do it for India.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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