BPAC Aims to Spread EOS Platform for Developers to Build Distributed Apps

BPAC, (Block Producer App Coalition), a global alliance of four powerhouse EOS application developers has announced its candidacy for EOS Block Producer. The four founding members of the coalition have come together with the aim to support decentralized applications (or dApps) and developers building applications on EOS.



SpringRole Team Outing


The BPAC team includes four well-established names of the blockchain world — BLOCKv (, a programmable blockchain layer; Workcoin (, a decentralized platform for freelancers; SpringRole (, a protocol for professional attestations; and, White Rabbit (, an ICO discovery and indexing platform.


Commenting on the development, Mr. Kurt Braget, AppStore Lead said, “Today, several major companies, banks and governments looking to build enterprise level applications on the blockchain, and leverage the smart-contract technology. Although, we have been witnessing the Ethereum network being hammered with traffic in several instances making it clear that the network can handle a pretty small volume. Thereby, it is high-time to switch to an advanced version EOS. Our collaboration is an attempt to ease this transition from (Ethereum to EOS) for the businesses.”


Positioning itself as the App Store for EOS, BPAC plans to support the entire ecosystem of dApps, and not individual dApps. BPAC will also contribute to the community by allocating a percentage of EOS yielded by the BP to building and promoting dApps on the BPAC dApp Store. The company will also showcase and recognize the builders of dApp development tools in the EOS dApp ecosystem.


BPAC is committed to helping developers with the long waiting transition from Ethereum to EOS through educational tools and dApp ecosystem support. The high transactions costs and scalability issues have slowed down development on Ethereum and created a key need for the developer community to make the switch. BPAC is preparing to be the central pillar of support in this transition,” said Mr. Kartik Mandaville, CEO, SpringRole & technical Lead explaining the urgent need of the platform for the businesses.


The vision behind BPAC is to create a healthy dApp ecosystem and community for the success of EOS as the platform will not just provide the ability to communicate asynchronously between public and private blockchains but also give the bandwidth to fix bugs. 


About BPAC

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, BPAC is an EOS block producer focused on enhancing the EOS app ecosystem and representing the stakeholder community of EOS smart contract developers. The diverse team spans across three strategic locations — Bangalore, India, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles, CA which will help developers around the world.


The Co-founders are Kartik Mandeville (Technical Lead, SpringRole) stationed in Bangalore, Reeve Collins (Project Lead, BLOCKv) with a base in Puerto Rico, Fred Kreuger (Community Lead, WorkCoin) and Kurt Braget (EOS App Store Lead, White Rabbit) based out of Los Angeles. With the industry experts covering all the major locations for the team, BPAC is confident to become a leader in technology in the space in a very short span.


BPAC is also engaging with the Indian government to help with further education about dApp development and ensure a thriving dApp community.

Source: NV1

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