Breaking the Mould: 51% Females Connect through Docprime’s Digital Consultation Platform

With around 5000 consultations a day, Docprime, a Policybazaar group company connected 51% women, who took the online consultation from dedicated medical consultants. This leaves the rest, 49% males taking on the digital consultation. With the underlining digital gender gap that still persists in India, this transformation seems relevant and going forward, the internet usage is expected to be more gender balanced.

Women Visitors on Docprime’s Online Consultation Platform

The statistics reveal that between January and April 2019, medical consultancy on chat by women increased by 43.9%. It is hard to ignore the significant jump (almost double) in first two & three months of the year – 24.4% between January & February to 45.4% between January & March. Docprime’s technology enables women to access medicare from home in complete privacy, all at your finger-tips.

Top Queries on Docprime’s Online Consultation Platform (Women Consultations)

Ashish Gupta, CEO, puts the spotlight on need and importance of technology in improving women’s well-being. “Women, especially mothers tend to ignore their health as family becomes their priority. Providing them the digital platform like Docprime helps to break the ice as they prefer to consult a doctor while maintaining the privacy,” he adds.

The statistics further reveal that of the 2 lakh consultations made by women, those under the age 18-40 years aggressively used digital consultancy as a medium to seek medical advice, with a lion’s share of 82%. “Access to technology has helped in addressing the increasing health issues of women and provided a better wellbeing. Women under the age group of 40-60 years and above 60 years make up the rest, which is 18%. This age bracket is more vulnerable to health related risks with limited digital literacy, which needs attention,” Mr. Gupta highlights further.

Apprehensions prevent women from seeking any medical help or openly express their problems. Technology comes to the rescue which bridges this gap and brings the privacy when it comes to health related issues for women. A quarter of the consultations revolved around mensuration & women specific health issues, seasonal health issues and sexual wellness. Pain related problems still bother most of the women – nearly 17.3% consultations were sought for pain related issues followed by 12.56% cases concerning pregnancy. 11.95 % of the female audiences seek skin related advice.

Most women under the age group of 18-25 years seek advice regarding sexual wellness (58.7%). Pregnancy and skin issues had a share of 51.9% and 52.1%, respectively. Middle age women mostly consulted on pregnancy (46.6%) and pain related issues (41.1%). It was interesting to note that 21.8% of 40-60 years aged women consulted for pain related problems, forcing us to revisit of our previous statement on limited digital literacy. Around 19% of their cases were related to seasonal health issues.

In this fast-paced lifestyle, people, especially women ignore their health that leads to several health complications. Connecting people by providing them the information they need to secure themselves is the need of the hour.

About is the latest venture of the Policybazaar Group with an aim to redefine how Indians seek healthcare services. It connects patients with doctors in real time and bridges the gap between need and fulfilment using state-of-the-art technology and a robust offline network. Besides providing free consultations on chat by dedicated medical consultants, it also facilitates the booking of doctor appointments and lab tests at discounted rates in 40 cities and will soon be giving the option of OPD subscription plan with unlimited consultations and tests. The company is providing over 100000 free medical consultations on monthly basis and targeting 100000 daily consultations by December 2020.

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