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British MPs & the Canadian PM have no locus standi in Farmers Protest

Farmer’s from Punjab and Haryana are protesting against the new laws passed by the Parliament. Government of India claimed it to be a reform for farmers in such a way so to double their income by 2022. Through the reforms, Government has allowed the farmers to sell their crops outside the Mandis. It’ll allow the farmers to get best rate for their crops. Farmers from Punjab and Haryana are protesting against the law as they want the law to be repealed and that they’re not willing to compromise on the matter of MSP. MSP is the minimum rate fixed by the governments for specific products. Discussion between the farmers protesting and the Government is happening and it is expected to reach a fruitful outcome.

The problem is the involvement of stakeholders which are no where related to the issue and have no locus standi in the matter. We have full of verified accounts on social media including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram who are giving fuel to the sentiments and is calling action on the basis of region and religion. They are now cherishing even the foreign interference in internal matters of the country. Due to this, 36 Member of British Parliament have written to the Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom seeking an immediate meeting to discuss the Farmers Protest in India. In their letter, they have called the newly brought 3 farm legislations as a ‘death warrant’. For a country that has destroyed India’s agricultural system from the 18th century onwards and was responsible for the deaths of millions of Indians have the nerve to express concern now. It is nothing but a colonial hangover. British are unable to finalise their Brexit deal since years, Scots are unwilling to stay with British and calling for separation, their failure to tackle Covid crisis is dismal. Rather than tackling their own issues, these MPs want to talk about India and the internal affairs of India. At a time when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is coming to India as the Chief Guest of Republic Day, it is very unlikely that the Foreign Secretary of England will agree to the demand of these MPs. However, the MPs writing the letter must be called to refrain form doing so by the Prime Minister of their country.

Another country which is constantly speaking openly on the farmers protest is Canada. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau reiterated his stand on Farmers Protests in India and said, ‘Infact, Canada is the country which has opposed MSP provided by India in WTO which is the main demand of farmers protesting. Such is the level of irony.

Before getting into the merits, it is important to understand that the liberal icon Justin Trudeau had never expressed his concerns about the peaceful protests around the globe including Hong Kong, Thailand, Poland, France and Bangladesh where the protests are going on since weeks and months. The only reason for Justin Trudeau to speak on this occasion is the vast number of Punjabi population in Canada. To address the vote bank, leader of Canada’s ruling party is consistently invoking the sentiments of the Punjabis settled there even by crossing the line and putting the Indo-Canada relationship on stake.

The protestors may have legit grievances that the government must address as a democracy works when the government works for the people. But they must realise that some agenda-driven champions of their cause are doing it the biggest disservice. British MPs & the Canadian PM have no locus standi here. Any change in law can only be brought by Indian government and Indian Parliament and that no nation could interfere in the internal matters of India. India is a sovereign country which is free to form it’s own laws and the protestors must understand the fact that any demand of theirs should be discussed only with the Indian Government.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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