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Brit’s Properties Confiscated

The Enforcement Department besides imposing a fine of Rs. 5,00,000/- on Carol Elizabeth Ashby, has also confiscated the two at Assagao that were purchased by her. The action has been taken under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).
Ms Carol was in possession of two plots of land, one admeasuring 1,525 sq mts and the other 1,775 sq mts and she has been penalized for purchasing these agricultural lands while on a tourist visa.
According to Ms. Carol, a retired teacher, she and her husband first arrived in Goa in 1998 and after her husband’s death in 1999 she constructed a house in the property purchased by her.

However, the Enforcement Department observed that she was in Goa on a tourist visa which was renewed regularly and not involved in any business or profession or employed anywhere in Goa.
With this action, the Enforcement Department has confiscated six properties in Goa. The earlier confiscations were of the three properties belonging to the Russian firm True Axis Resort Pvt. Ltd and one belonging to a Swede August Thommen.

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