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Brutal murder of a 14-year-old in Karnataka

On 27th February, some inhabitants of Naribol village situated in Kalaburagi district in Karnataka spotted a gunny bag floating in the nearby river; it carried a dead body which spoke volumes of the brutality an innocent 14-year-old had to suffer.


In yet another shocking incident which involves the brutal murder of a 14-year-old, the victim was a Hindu youth Mahesh Kolli who was studying in class 9th in a government school in Naribol village, Kalaburgi district, Karnataka.

Mahesh was killed and his body was stuffed in a gunny bag and thrown into the Bhima River a few kilometers away from Naribol. As per reports, he was murdered for developing a close friendship with a 14-year-old Muslim girl living in a neighboring colony in the same village.

According to Mahesh’s uncle Vishwanath, the victim had left home on the 22 February to go to a nearby temple and said that he would be back within 15 minutes. But as the victim did not return home, his family became anxious and apprehensive and enquired about his whereabouts from his friends.

After 5 days, on 27th February, the villagers of Naribol recovered a dead body floating in the Bhima River. The police reached the spot and pulled the dead body out of the gunny bag it was stuffed in; the body was in a gross condition due to decomposition. The police later identified the body as of Mahesh’s with the help of the victim’s family members. As per the police personnel, which can be called an embodiment of an abominable deed was found out; Mahesh’s genitals and nose were chopped off before he was murdered!

Later, the family stumbled upon the fact that Mahesh had developed a close friendship with a Muslim girl in the village. The deceased’s friends revealed that he had gifted a mobile phone to the girl too. Soon, Mahesh’s father and uncle reached the girl’s house. She returned the mobile phone and went inside. After this incident, Mahesh’s father and uncle had registered missing persons’ complaint in the Jewargi police station.

During police investigation, it came to light that the girl’s mother, along with one of her relatives, had earlier warned Mahesh not to visit their area of inhabitance and to leave the girl alone.

As per police investigation, the girl’s uncle, identified as Mehboob swiftly took Mahesh away from the village on 22nd February saying that he wanted to talk to him.

In a shock of looking at Mahesh’s genitals and nose chopped off, just like the police and the other villagers, the deceased boy’s father Mallikarjun Kolli said that his son was forced to drink alcohol and smoke ganja, and the killers murdered him when he was highly intoxicated. Mallikarjun added, “Instead of killing my son, they should have spoken to me if he was not on the right path.”

As of now, the police have arrested the girl’s uncle Mehboob and two of his partners in connection to the murder. Kalaburagi SP Simi Mariam George has said that they are looking into all angles of the matter.

A case has been filed against the girl’s mother and her accomplice Mehboob under IPC sections 363 (kidnapping), 302 (murder), 201 (disappearance of evidence) and sections of the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act under which, according to the family, they have received some compensation from the state government.

This ghastly incident has caused a massive stir in the state of Karnataka. Several citizens, actors and activists took to the internet to express their anger against the same. Condemning the killing, actor and activist Pranitha Subhash tweeted, “Private parts mutilated, body dumped in a river. Impossible to imagine what Mahesh Koli went through. I hope the strictest action will be taken against the perpetrators!”

Activist Shefali Vaidya took to twitter and said, “Do you know what lies in that sack? The mutilated body of a 14-year-old Hindu boy Mahesh Kolli, who was abducted, tortured and murdered by cutting off his nose and private parts allegedly for gifting a Muslim girl a cell phone.”

Author Advaita Kala tweeted, “Mahesh Koli a 14-year-old Hindu boy was killed in Karnataka over a friendship with a Muslim girl. Her family disapproved and her uncle has been arrested, a gruesome killing. The father of the dead boy says that they could have advised the boy, why kill him? No rationalizing with hate.”

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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