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BSF seized 85 cattle heads while being smuggled to Bangladesh from north Bengal

Siliguri: The BSF has seized sine 85 cattle heads, about 2139 bottles of Phensedyl, and 11.1 kilos of Cannabis (Ganja) and other miscellaneous items from different border areas of north Bengal whey those goods were being smuggled.

The BSF said the seizure happened while those goods were being smuggled from India to Bangladesh from February 27 to March 4. The total value of seized items is Rs.21,36,231.

” Above items were seized by BSF troops while smugglers were trying to smuggle these items from India to Bangladesh.” In addition to specific information, a special search party of BOP Kumargram, 61 Bn BSF recovered 2 Country made Pistols (Katta) along with 3 live rounds from the International border while the smuggler was trying to smuggle these weapons from India to Bangladesh.

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