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BSP should withdraw support from Cong govt in Rajasthan over Alwar rape case: PM

Kushinagar, May 12 (IECurrentAffairs) Hitting back at Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati over the Alwar rape case, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday demanded that her party withdraw support to the Congress government there instead of shedding crocodile tears.

‘Behanjee has condemned the Alwar rape case but was she not aware that BSP is supporting the minority Congress government in Rajasthan. If she is really concerned about the Dalits then why she is not withdrawing support from the government there,” he questioned.

Attacking the entire opposition for ignoring the real issues and just commenting ‘ Hua to Hua’, the PM said they have just one answer and that is ‘Hua to Hua’ which shows their arrogance towards the people . “Congress and other opposition intention is not good. They do not want to do anything. Their attitude to any problem is ‘hua to hua’. I have changed this attitude in the last 5 years,” the PM said.

Addressing an election meeting here on Sunday, the PM said that today the security personnel have again shot dead terrorists in Kashmir.” But unfortunately, when terrorists were killed by our Army in Kashmir today, some people are worried as to why did Modi kill the terrorists when voting is underway? An armed terrorist is attacking, do my jawans go to the Election Commission to seek permission to kill him? he said.

“I have a clear moto to cleanse these terrorists and will continue to do so every 2 to 3 days,” he said, adding. ‘No one can stop me from attacking their homes if required to save the country from these evil forces.’

Attacking the ‘dynasty and corrupt practices’ of the BSP-SP and Congress governments in the country as well as in UP, the PM said, “They have only one interest to accumulate money through corrupt practices and protect their family.”

“I have been CM and PM for longer period than these people. But do I have any bungalow or property. But when they come to power, the Bua and Babua, these people only motive is to construct bungalows, and amass assets for their families by indulging in scams,” he said.

“These people are born with a silver spoon but now people will show them the doors as everyone knows about their real motive to loot the exchequer for their own vested interest,” he said.

Reiterating about his caste, Mr Modi said that his caste is poor and his motive is only to make all the backward castes ‘forward’ in near future.

Claiming that every vote is important for the party and for the country, he said every vote given to lotus goes to him and it makes the country stronger.

“The country is voting for a strong, honest and decisive government and thus people’s confidence is rising as they (Opposition) are scared knowing their certain defeat,” the PM claimed.

On the occasion, he also narrated in detail about the achievement of his five-year rule and what he had given to the people of the country like free bank account, LPG, house, toilets, health insurances and electricity connections.

Mr Modi also announced that the Poorwanchal would be developed on a faster pace in his next regime and the region would get all infrastructure facilities, including industry and other things.

UP Chief minister Yogi Adityanath, who also addressed the gathering, announced that all the closed down sugar mills in the region would be re-started and those sold illegally during the Mayawati regime would be taken back.

‘We can certainly claim that five years of Modi governance was much more beneficial than the 55 years rule of the Congress,” he said.

Later, the PM left for Deoria for another election meeting in the day.

Via UNI-India

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