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Burhan a coward, Sepoy Rahul a hero!

My team in Kashmir relayed to me that some Kashmiri youth are upset over my article ‘The Kashmir I Saw’ where I have called the terrorists Burhan Wani and Zakir Musa cowards and sissies.

No pardon for my writing. A coward is a coward

My intent is to tell the Kashmiri youth the truth. In my eyes and in the eyes on any sane and rationale human being the poster boy of terrorism in Kashmir – Burhan Wani – was a coward.

His father told media who were falling all over to get a story of the tragic life of a terrorist, that he joined militancy because some security force officials beat him and his brother Khalid Wani over an altercation.

Dejected. His ego being hurt. His mind already corrupted by the Islamic radicalisation perpetrated by the Islamic Kashmir propagandists in the Madrassa where he studied. He opts to become a terrorist.

Can you imagine! Of all the choices in life, after an altercation with the security forces as claimed by his father, he chose to become a terrorist.

So the poster boy’s lesson to the youth of Kashmir is simple – If you have an altercation with someone in authority, pick up the gun and show off on social media with your guns, get some of friends to join you in your stupidity, get the girls to swoon over you, kill some people and feel macho about killing innocent people.

India has an uncanny stupidity to glorify the rubbish of society. Imagine the hero worship of another popular coward Dawood Ibrahim.

We have so many Bollywood movies made on Dawood Ibrahim. Every movie portrays him as a victim of a poor system in India.

The system, he claims is the cause behind his decision to join the path of crimes. In retaliation, he decides that he should kill the innocent people of our nation through terrors acts. That’s an absurd logic.

Much like Dawood Ibrahim who gained a global notoriety and publicity because of mainstream media. Burhan Wani who became a commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) a terror-outfit with direct links to Pakistan Army and ISI gained tremendous global notoriety and publicity because of social media.

Such was the audacity of a nobody like Burhan Wani that he threatened, that attacks will take place against “men in uniform” and also warned the police of Jammu and Kashmir to stay out of their way.

He posted a videos on social media encouraging young Kashmiris to join Hizbul Mujahideen.

There is a saying – ‘Those who live by the gun, die by the gun’. That is exactly what happened to Burhan Wani. He was gunned down by the security forces in a gun battle.

His funeral saw the crowds join in thousands. Media had played its role perfectly.  India witnessed a terrorist being wrapped in a Pakistani flag and buried next to his brother Khalid on Indian soil.

He got a death of a terrorist but a burial of a slain hero by the people who followed and hero worshiped him for the crimes he meted on innocent people.

And what was his contribution to India – some pictures on social media, a few more terrorists for armed forces to deal with and perennial poster boy of terrorism planted by Pakistan in Kashmir.

I pity the people of Kashmir who actually consider Burhan Wani to be a hero. It is easy to pick a gun and kill innocent people. That is no act of a hero. It is an act of deranged youth, who feels his importance is only justified when he has the power of the gun in his mind and fear in the hearts of the people.

Every state has a phase when some youth drift towards the wild-side because they think that the system has betrayed them and they need to create a system of their own or create an environment of anarchy.

Now if every youth in India who has had a run in with the authorities is going to take up the gun, then India is going to be the Wild-Wild-West with gun-totting cowboys and cowgirls.

But most Indians are smart and know that becoming a terrorist is not a solution to a corrupt system.

Changing the system is a better way.

Burhan Wani’s father must have forgot to teach him the most important lesson of life, that it is not always rosy, you will have to deal with thorns, you feel the pain, you move on, you became careful. But you keep moving forward. You do not take out your rage on innocent people.

And if you seriously feel deprived by the system, then get into the system and change it. Creating a system of terrorism to prove the system you are fighting is wrong, is becoming worse than the corrupt system you are fighting.

Today an Indian Army personnel was martyred Sepoy Rahul Bhairu Sulagekar, aged 21, who was from Belagavi in Karnataka.

He believed in giving up his life for his nation to protect the people of Kashmir from terrorists.

He was shot by the Pakistani infiltrators during a gun-fight with the Indian Army.

You will not see social media posts about him on media, you will not see thousands of people attending his funeral, you will not see International condemnation of the killers responsible for his death.

The government will ensure his death will be honoured appropriately but he will remain a mere name on a plaque or a name mentioned in book of dead army personnel.

The people of Kashmir will forget his sacrifice but remember a coward Burhan Wani who killed and orchestrated killing of our Indians.

India loses many young Army personnel everyday in Kashmir because of the acts of the cowardly terrorists and the even bigger cowards – Pakistani Army and ISI.

There is a war on and Kashmir is the battleground.

Our jawans who die to protect us, are not dying for fame, they do it because it is their sworn duty to protect our land and our people from our enemies.

I know as an Indian, it will resonate – the point I am making, on calling Burhan Wani and Zakir Musa ‘Cowards’ and ‘Sissies’. In my eyes the real hero is ‘Sepoy Rahul Bhairu Sulagekar’.

The future of India is our youth. The future of Kashmir is our youth.

Burhan Wani is not a hero, it is Sepoy Rahul who is a real hero. He died for a purpose. That purpose was you and me.

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