Bury the hatchet… B.B.S.M.

Every day I open the newspapers   and there is a report covering  a meeting organized by the B.B.S.M.   and what do I read? It’s venom and venom spat out by these frustrated bunch of pseudo leaders in the B.B.S.M. against Goan parents and against the Diocesan Society Education.

A decision has been taken. Truth has prevailed. Bury the hatchet and let life move on. This should have been the right attitude of “honest leaders”.

But no! These are not “honest leaders”.  That’s precisely why they  go on and on giving vent to their frustrations and loose whatever little respect they had, in the eyes of  Goans  from all walks of life .

These “pseudo leaders” cannot and will not accept the fact that “every parent has the right to decide what is the best mode of education for their child”. “How can it be?  What do the parents know?  All these years it has been our prerogative”.  So say these “super-parents” in the Goan Society .

In fact it is on record at a medium of instruction debate on Doordarshan (Panaji) channel, in April 2011,  when  Mr. N. Shivdas , President of Goa Konkani Akademi , openly  called the Goan parents “bonddes” who know nothing about their children’s education. 

Such are the people like N.Shivdas who are made presidents of government bodies like Goa Konkani Akademi!  This is possible only in Goa. The other people in the B.B.S.M. are no different.

Mr. Uday Bhembre says he has no control over his grandchild who prefers English as the medium of Instruction, but wants to exercise control over other’s children.  What a fall from grace, Uday-bab?

Mr. Prashant Naik abuses the Diocesan Education Society of Goa for the government’s decision on medium of instruction and calls students to be ready for road blockades, pelting stones and damaging buses.  What an ideal President of the Konkani Bhasha Mandal is he not?   

Mr. Nagesh Karmali speaking on the B.B.S.M. platform says “Goa is not of Goans anymore. Goa is finished by this Government”. In fact Nagesh-bab, Goa would have been a better place to live in; if not for hard core ‘communalists’ like you”.

Recently, from the same B.B.S.M. platform, Adv. Anacleto Viegas has started attacking the Tiatrists of Goa for siding with English for medium of instruction.  My dear Adv. Anacleto, please do not undermine the intelligence of the Goan Tiatrists . They know what they are doing. They are capable of saving and developing the Tiatr and Konkani even after having English as medium of instruction in schools.  You’d serve Konkani better by helping change ‘law-books’ into Konkani. 

I do not wish to comment on Mr. Vishnu Wagh . He has his own hidden agenda.  Everyone knows he was once a member of the “Shiv Sena”. Is there any need for more comments?

Frustration will not get these “pseudo leaders ‘anywhere.

B.B.S.M. ,  when will you see the writing on the wall?

The decision is made. Truth has prevailed.  Bury the hatchet and let life move on.

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