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CAA Protests is a trailer of an Islamic India!

Courtesy M: Twitter visit to Kashmir several weeks ago was an eye-opener into the vicious world of Islamic radicalisation.

Islamic radicalisation is a rabid disease. It takes over the mind of the infected and forces its body to act in a violent manner towards another human.

Those infected – live and breathe Jihad.

Those infected are aggressive.

They remind me of zombies better known as the undead as seen in many Hollywood horror movies. Zombies do not have a mind of their own. They have only one agenda to make another human a zombie or to destroy another human.

Like zombies, Islamic radicals have only one agenda to make you bow down to the Islamic radical thought or die.

Most of the young Muslims in Kashmir are infected by this disease – Islamic Jihad. The young Muslims are students and youth. Some highly educated. Some coming for affluent families. Some just lost in life. Some poor.

Both girls and boys are lured to infect themselves with the virus of Islamic Jihad. They are lured by lies, fear that India is against Muslims of Kashmir and Muslims in India; but most of all money and power.

For years important people in India whether in the government, bureaucracy, media or celebrities have turned their eye away from this disease of ‘Islamic Jihad’. Therefore it had been allowed to fester.

From Kashmir, Islamic radicalisation post 1990 has slowly crept into the different states in India. Sometimes you see manifestations of this disease when terrorists from the Islamic radicals network are portrayed as heroes and martyrs courtesy the politicians and the media.

Islamic radicals are spread across India. They stay silent, slowly, spreading their disease. Until its time to create chaos or further its Islamic Jihad agenda.

The steps of the current Indian government first with the Abrogation of Article 370, followed up with the Ayodhya Verdict have become trigger points for the Islamic radicals to spread the message of fear within the Muslims.

Islamic radicals are ably supported by the leaders of the Opposition in particular Congress. Islamic radicals also get sympathy and tacit support from the Naxals especially those in Urban India.

The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA) is not aimed at the Muslims in India, nor is it aimed at any Indian citizen. It is simply a special provision in the Citizenship Act that grants refugees (persecuted minorities) from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who are in India before 2014, a chance to acquire Indian citizenship. The persecuted minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are mostly Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Jews.

Sadly the Bollywood celebrities who have come out fighting against the CAA and have been provoking violence directly and indirectly by their misinformation have not been able to convincingly put out their argument on what is wrong with the CAA.

On most TV debates celebrities have been ranting incoherently and illogically that Indian Muslims will be in danger.

It is no surprise too many in India that most of Bollywood is controlled by one of India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Therefore today Bollywood makes movies such Raees, Haseena Parker, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Company to portray a humane side of Dawood and how the system led to Dawood becoming a terrorist.

Dawood has become the Islamic face of power in India.

He is not even in India but still has tremendous power because politicians in India has donned a protective armour around Dawood for many years.

The CAA protests is nothing but a trailer to the movie of Islamic radicalisation in India. It is a teaser to Islamic India just like Islamic Kashmir and Islamic Kerala.

I took on Farhan Akthar for his stand against CAA. I even took on Anurag Kashyap and Konkona Sen Sharma.

The tweet I wrote to Farhan Akthar in the form of the limerick was found to violate Twitter policy and was considered to be a hate message:

Here is the limerick I wrote:

“Oh Farhan! You are a Nut
On CAA please don’t Butt
Your knowledge is Poor
You sound like a Jihadi Whore
Interested in a monetary Cut”

Twitter received a complaint from Farhan Akthar regarding my tweet. Twitter then suspended my account. And has now restored it but will restricted functionality. I cannot tweet, retweet or like a post for the next seven days. I can only view my account and others tweet.

I will not comment on Twitter policies. It is their prerogative. But it not unknown that Twitter is biased.

I have been exposing the Islamic radicals on Twitter for the last two months. First on the abrogation of Article 370 and now on the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.

The next few days are going to be crucial to India. We must maintain peace.

There is strong attempt to get Muslims and Hindus to turn on each other using Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and NRC.

I have been speaking about Islamic radicalisation. CAA is linked to Islamic radicalisation.

It is no surprise that Twitter wanted me out at this crucial juncture of the CAA protests. Twitter is not only left leaning but also funded by the powerful Al Saud family of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia as I have already exposed in my earlier articles, like Turkey, is the source of funds for the spread of Wahabism and Salafism both radical strains of Islam in India.

In fact one of the main university in India that stirred up the protest against CAA is the Jamia Millia Islamia University. Most research papers on Islamic thought are funded by Saudi Arabian donors.

Interestingly 700 fake Identity cards of the students were reportedly found by the university authorities but no one bothered to inform the police prior the violence and protests.

Islamic radicals have even brought the trademark protest weapon to these CAA protests – stones. In all protests they have resorted to stone pelting and attacking police officers. This is similar to the stone-pelting attacks in Kashmir.

The CAA protest is nothing but a trailer to the movie ‘Islamic India’.

This protest is a show of strength. This protest is to tell the people of India that the Muslims are here to stay and control the way forward in India. This protest is a protest to tell the world that Muslims dominate thought and action in India and they can bring a strong Hindutva government to its knees by causing mayhem and destruction.

This Opposition leaders see it as scoring a political point over Narendra Modi. The Islamic radicals see it as their stepping stone to even greater control over India.

The people of India will suffer if they don’t see the see CAA protests for what it really it – Surge of the Islamic Radicals in India.

Jai Hind!

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