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CAG identifies deficiencies in implementation of government schemes worth Rs 2590 crores

The CAG in its report ending Financial Year 2017 through its performance audit has identified deficiencies in identification of beneficiaries due to inadequate scrutiny of applications by the implementing departments, flaws in the application software system developed for operation and management of the schemes and failure to conduct periodical survey of target beneficiaries.

CAG Report was tabled today during on-going session of Goa Legislative Assembly which has pointed out wrongful inclusion of beneficiaries in these schemes resulting in the losses to the state exchequer.

The report has analysed implementation of Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSSS) providing financial assistance to senior citizens and widows, Grih Aadhar Scheme catering to unemployed housewives and Laadli Laxmi Scheme which provides one time financial benefit to girl child for marriage, starting of a business or education after she attains age of 18.

“By the end of March2017, 3.36 lakh beneficiaries have been benefitted under the three schemes and they were granted financial assistance of Rs 2,590 crore during the year2016-17,” the CAG report reads.

“Financial assistance under DSSS and Griha Aadhar scheme was granted to beneficiaries who did not meet the prescribed eligibility criteria of age and income,” the CAG has castigated government in its report.

“Benefits were also granted to the applicants who simultaneously availed of assistance under other social welfare schemes as well as to those availing of assistance more than once under the same scheme,” it mentioned.

The CAG has also noticed that there were instances of benefits being granted to doubtful beneficiaries.

“Though the annual family income was the vital criterion for identification of beneficiaries under DSSS and Griha Aadhar scheme, the process of verification of income by the implementing departments was weak, leading to wrongful inclusion of beneficiaries,” the report adds.

(with inputs from The Goa Spotlight team)

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