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Calangute Water Contaminated

Water supplied to Calangute by the Public Works Department is found to be contaminated and not fit for consumption by the Directorate of Health Services and the PWD blames the overflowing septic tanks for it.
As the PWD was not taking cognizance of their complaints regarding contaminated water, one Severina Fernandes from Naikawado sent a sample of the PWD supplied water for testing at the Directorate of Health Services.

The report clearly indicates that the water is contaminated and not suitable for drinking purpose, said Fernandes.
Following her complaint to the local MLA along with the test report, the PWD re-laid the water supply line and since then the area where Severina resides is getting clean water, but the situation has not changed for others.
However, the PWD claimed that the water was getting contaminated due to overflowing septic tanks and soak pits which fill up fast as the water table in the village is only 30 cms below ground.
The PWD claimed helplessness as there is no place available to lay a new pipeline since people are objecting to it as it has to be laid above ground to avoid contamination.

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