Cambodia, The Home of Angkor Vat, has Potential to be the Fifth Hindu 'Dhaam'

The home of the holy Angkor Vat temple, Cambodia is fast on its way to being developed as the Fifth Dhaam (pilgrim spot) of Hindus. A major initiative in this direction has been taken by Shailesh Hiranandani of SRAM MRAM Ltd., in step with the campaign of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).



Foundation stone laying at Siem Reap, Cambodia, Left to Right (Mr. Indresh Kumar, Guru ji, Mr. Shailesh Hiranandani)


The effort of holding a grand event to promote the cause was lauded by member of the RSS national committee Indresh Kumar, as he witnessed the huge congregation in Cambodia on May 31. Appreciating the efforts made, Kumar said that with a shrine as revered as Angkor Vat & mountain Kulen Cambodia deserved to be the fifth pilgrim spot for Hindus. He also stressed awareness about the glorious heritage and spread of Hindu values. 


On the occasion, Founder of SRAM MRAM Ltd. Shailesh Hiranandani said, “Tourists from all over the world visit Cambodia to experience the mystic charm of Angkor Vat temple. There is a lot in Cambodia that defines Hinduism. It is commendable the way support is being extended from various quarters to the initiative of turning Cambodia into the fifth pilgrim place of Hindus.”



5th Sanatan Dham Establishment Festival in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Left to Right (Mrs. Mary, Mr. Shailesh Hiranandani, Mr. Khieu Kanharit, Mr. Indresh Kumar, Guruji, Mr. Surendra Pal)


It is noteworthy that to organise the event that was attended by Hindu followers from a number of countries across the world, 500 acres land had been acquired and 1,008 Shivalingas with different names were installed. Chief guest Indresh Kumar said after the Bhumi Pujan that with such extensive preparation, the day was not far when Cambodia could be recognised as the fifth Hindu dhaam. 


Hindu Heritage In Cambodia

Situated in South East Asia, Cambodia is known in legend to have been founded by Aryan king Kambusva Yambhuv. In several historical and religious texts, Cambodia has been identified as a Hindu nation. With passage of time, Cambodia became a prominent Buddhist centre too. 


With a grand monument like Angkor Vat, Cambodia is a major tourist attraction. The amazing architecture of this important Hindu temple in Siem Reap city on the banks of Mekong river, fascinates people from  all over the world. Sprawling on 402 acres of land, this grand temple was built by King Surya Varman, the second. The deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu and it finds mention in several Hindu texts. Etched on the walls of the ancient temple is text from Hindu scriptures and figures are carved on its stones of characters telling ancient stories from the Vedas and Puranas. The temple is also known to be a symbol of the legendary Meru mountain.


Global Campaign Of RSS

To garner support for and to create awareness about the importance of developing Cambodia as the fifth pilgrim spot for Hindus, RSS has launched a worldwide campaign. Experts have commented that  RSS has made huge strides in uniting  and mobilising for the cause the people of Indian origin and Hindus established and residing in Cambodia.



Adorned with Angkor Vat temple, Cambodia should be given the status and pride of becoming the fifth pilgrim place of Hindus.

Indresh Kumar, National Convenor, RSS


There is a lot to explore and discover about the mysteries of the Angkor Vat temple which attracts tourists from all over the world to Cambodia. It would not be wrong to say that Cambodia is a guardian of Hindu heritage. 

– Shailesh Hiranandani, Founder, SRAM MRAM Ltd., organiser of the event.

Source: NV1

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