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Can Passport Office issue Police Clearance Certificate?

Imagine the ordeal faced by a young Goan lady Sharon Gomes (name changed to protect her identity) who had to get a ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ – better known as the ‘Police Clearance Certificate’ (PCC) in India for her Employment Visa clearance for a job in the UAE.

Being a Goan, residing in Mumbai, she had to travel to Goa in order to complete the process Police Clearance Certificate, as her passport was issued in Goa and her residence of domicile is Goa.

Through her online application and submission of relevant documents at the Passport Seva portal, she got an appointment with the Goa Passport Office.

After due process of verification of the relevant documentation submitted, she was issued a ‘Police Clearance Certificate’ from the Goa Passport Office.

Completing the formalities in Goa, Sharon Gomes flew back to Mumbai that same evening.

The following morning, she submitted her ‘Police Clearance Certificate’ to the UAE Consulate in Mumbai. The certificate however, was rejected and termed ‘Invalid’.

It was termed ‘invalid’ because the UAE consulate officer as per UAE guidelines did not accept the police clearance certificate being signed and verified by the Goa Passport Office and instructed Sharon that it should certified and verified by the rank-police officer (Deputy Superintendent or Superintendent of Police) assigned to issue Police Clearance Certificates. Therefore, she was requested to reapply with a Police Clearance Certificate issued by Goa Police.

Sharon Gomes, caught another flight back to Goa the following day, visited the nearest police station to her residence and got a Police Clearance Certificate issued by the SP-South Goa.

The Police Clearance Certificate issued by the SP-South Goa of the Goa Police when submitted to the UAE consulate office in Mumbai was accepted and the Employment Visa was cleared for travel to Dubai.

If you go the Passport Seva web portal you have a option provided by the Passport Office to get Police Clearance Certificate. It was service aimed to facilitate PCC at the Passport office itself for those seeking PCC with prior appointment after sharing the relevant documents online.

The question is raising could the fact that the Police Clearance Certificate authority comes under the jurisdiction of the State Police Department or Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), could Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) through its State Passport Office give Police Clearance Certificates?

And if a Passport Office can indeed issue Police Clearance Certificates, then why was the Police Clearance Certificate rejected by the UAE Consulate when issued by the Goa Passport Office and accepted when issued by the SP-South, Goa Police.

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Savio Rodrigues
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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