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Can’t expect promoters of ‘Savkaari’ agenda to recognise hardworking ‘Xetkari’: Chodankar

Panaji: Goa Congress President Girish Chodankar on Tuesday alleged that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government was busy in pleasing crony capitalists while pushing their agenda of “Savkaari” and hence BJP State President Sadanand Shet Tanawade could not recognise hundreds of “Xetkari” from all across the state who participated in anti-farmers protest Rally organised by Congress Party.

In a statement, Mr Chodankar said,’Hundreds of farmers fighting to save their cultivable land were called all the way from Shel-Melauli to Panaji and made to stand in que to meet the Chief Minister who was forcing the IIT project on the people of Sattari despite their opposition. This is how BJP treats farmers pointed Girish Chodankar. Why the so-called farmer friendly BJP CM dare to visit Shel-Melauli and talk to the people?.’

The insensitive BJP Government’s lack of concern for the poor people was exposed when Prime Minister Narendra Modi admitted in Lok Sabha that his government was not having any data of the migrants who died on the way while walking miles and miles returning back to their homes after the nationwide lockdown was announced, the Congress leader alleged and claimed that the ‘anti-people’ BJP was living in Virtual World of glorifying Narendra Modi and hence could hear the cries of common man.

‘Congress Party created projects like Railways, Telecommunications, Roadways after Independence and worked hard to develop connectivity all across the country. It is during Congress regime that ” Green Revolution” and “White Revolution” took place which boosted the agriculture sector and energised the farmers. Institutions like AIIMS, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, SAIL, IIM etc were established by Congress Government with a long term vision. Unfortunately, the BJP after coming to power with the help of huge finances privided by Crony Capitalists is now selling every important project in the country,’ he said.

Mr Chodankar further demanded that BJP President Sadanand Tanawade who said that the new law would put an end to “Dalal” in agricultural sector must clarify whether senior BJP leader Prakash Velip who openly said that the new law would result in direct loss of Rs nine crores revenue to Goa is a “Dalal”.

‘The massive support received for Congress rally yesterday has sent shivers in BJP camp and hence Sadanand Shet Tanawade stooped to a new low on raising questions on non participation of few Congress leaders who stayed away from the rally due to Covid pandemic. I feel pitty for the ill conceived statement of Tanawade,’ Mr Chodankar said.

‘The oldest ally of BJP from Punjab Akali Dal has now resigned from NDA protesting against the new Farm Law. I advise BJP president to introspect on the same and learn lessons said Girish Chodankar. Congress party is committed to fight for the rights of poor and common man and will fight more aggressively in the days ahead to bring justice to the people,’ the Congress leader said.

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