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“Can’t think of becoming Chief Minister, want to bring change in TN politics,” says Rajinikanth

Chennai, Mar 12 (GCCurrentAffairs) Tamil superstar and aspiring politician Rajinikanth on Thursday said that “he cannot think of becoming a Chief Minister, instead decided to be the party head.”

Addressing a press conference here, he said ‘he never thought of being the Chief Minister by sitting in the assembly. It is not in my blood’.

Proposing dual leadership policy in his party, Rajinikanth said “he decided to be the party President, if his party (yet to be launched) contests and win the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly election, while a strong party leader will head the state,” he said.

“Two power centres will not cause confusion. The party leader must be like an Opposition leader and question the Chief Minister. Leader of the ruling party and the Chief Minister has to be different. The party leader must guide on the ideology and the Chief Minister is like a Chief Executive Officer,” Mr Rajnikanth said.

‘I will be a bridge to fill the gap and help to form a good government and infuse young and talented people in the governance. There will be different heads for the party and the possible government headed by it’, he said.

Stressing that there is a need to change political system and change in Tamil Nadu politics, he said if a change do not happen now, it will not happen ever.

I want to use the goodwill that I have been built in the last 40 years by being in the film industry. I believe you have to be accountable to your people, Mr Rajinikanth added.

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