Carambolim Lake

Being a stickler for nature and serene surroundings, I decided to venture out on a lovely Sunday morning from Panjim to one of the most remarkably tranquil destination of Goa, the Carambolim Lake, a scenic Reservoir fringed by lush greenery and known to be one of the most interesting and picturesque wildlife preservation in Goa. Located 12 Kms from Panjim, near Karmali Railway Station on the Konkan Route just a few kilometers south-east of Old Goa, it was a scenic drive through the countryside of Karmali, which usually has good transportation availability. 

This lake in Goa is a popular destination in the birding map of India that supports a sizeable population of birds. Migratory birds seek this verdant landscape every year till the end of the season. The ecological richness of the Carambolim Lake has dozens of species of birds and exotic plants. The cacophony of 80 different varieties of birds is unbelievable, tending to their young in the mixed heronries on the aquatic vegetation. Jacanas with their iridescent colours and the spectacular purple moorhens can be seen delicately treading over the floating vegetation. 

One can view other birds such as Shovelers, Garganeys, Waterfowls, Egrets, Jacanas Herons, Pintails, open-billed Storks, Lesser Whistling Teals, Purple Moorhens, Red-Rumped Swallows, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Marsh Harriers and Coots. An assortment of migratory birds flock here during the winter months. Bird-watchers assemble along the edge of the lake all through the day during these months. It is also a known fact that on the Christmas Eve in 2012, in the waters of Carambolim Lake, pink flamingos were spotted. As we all know, these graceful birds prefer solitude and small salt water and live mainly in India in the region of Mumbai and in Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The experts believe that this will be the first flamingo ambassador hospitable Carambolim and lead many of their relatives here.

Not any less impressive is the beauty and diversity of flora of the lake. Its surface is sprinkled with water lilies and colorful exotic plants: Indian marsh snowflakes, water hyacinths and nymphs.

Built to facilitate irrigation of the nearby fields, the Carambolim lake is a man made freshwater lake. It is a famous bird watching spot in Goa where one can see a lot of species of migratory birds as well as a lot of waterbirds. The lake appears to be a comfortable haven for the birds that choose to hang out here. The surroundings are calm and peaceful and almost magical. And the lush green paddy fields on the other side of the road add to the moods.

The Carambolim Lake is indeed a bird-watcher’s paradise where one can see some exotic, migratory birds, which have been flocking here for hundreds of years. One can also see paddy fields, trees and woodland in the area that makes the place very picturesque.

A natural lake, full of blossoming water lilies, the sole source of this lake is rainwater. There is more to this lake than just the fresh water, during monsoons the lake is inhabited by a variety of birds. It’s a treat to the eyes to watch these birds feeding on aquatic plants, worms and tiny fish. Carambolim Lake is revered as the famous Bird Watching Hub in Goa. The number of birds that fly here begins from 500 in September and reaches 10,000 by February.

This great marshy lake invites nature photographers, bird watchers as well as people, who enjoy natural beauty, from all parts of the country to enjoy its magnificent sight. The surroundings of the lake are picturesque, green, covered with rice fields, dispose to rest and contemplation. An excursion to Carambolim Lake would appeal to people of all ages, especially nature lovers, romantics and inquisitive tourists. It is easy to get to the village by car, bus or train.

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