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Careless Boating Injures Finnish Tourist

Paul Andrews, a 43-year old Finnish was badly injured while swimming after he was hit by a dolphin trip boat at Baga, Sunday evening.
The incident occurred at about 3 pm when Andrews who was swimming at about 20 mts from the shore was hit by the boat (GOA-044-WS).
The water sports boats have been operating close to the safe swim zone despite repeated requests by the lifeguards to move away.
Drishti reports revealed that lifeguards Viraj Valekar, Ajit Gawas and Gautam Kalangutkar noticed the boat coming towards the beach through swimming zone to drop the tourists, which misjudged Andrews and hit him. The lifeguards rushed to the spot to give first aid to Andrews.

He had a deep cut above the forehead, another cut on the right palm while some bruises on the left arm. The cuts on the head and the right palm were too deep and hence a 108 ambulance rushed him to a nearby hospital.

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