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Carnival Celebrations In Margao Truncated To Help Vijai

That the Margao Canival Committee is not maintaining its accounts properly and has totally capitulated to Goa Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary Vijai Sardessai was revealed on Thursday at a media briefing held by the president Sushila Naik.
She revealed that of the Rs 15 lakhs sanctioned by the government for organizing carnival programmes last year, the committee received only Rs 10 lakhs and the balance Rs 5 lakhs is not released due to non-availability of bills, which the committee did not submit.
And though she disclosed that the government has sanctioned Rs 15 lakhs for the current year, there was confusion whether this amount included the Rs 4 lakhs given as prize money to the participating floats. While Mrs. Naik insisted that it was excluding the prize money, some councilors who are vice-presidents of the present committee, claimed that it was inclusive of the prize money.

The Margao Carnival Committee will organize programmes only on Sunday and Monday with the float parade on Sunday and a programme titled Intruz to be held on Tuesday. Intruz will comprise of a fancy dress competition for children, DJ music, African acrobats, fire eaters, UK Mania and a Konkani musical programme by Lawry Travasso.
Mrs. Naik admitted that no programme were planned on Tuesday the last day of carnival because “somebody” was organizing a mega programme on that day with “film stars” attending. She said the committee did not want to clash with this programme, which is being organized by Vijai Sardessai.
Although she and other committee members claimed that no programmes were planned for Tuesday as the SGPDA grounds were not available, they had no answer when asked why the programme could not have been held at Costa Grounds or Rajendra Prasad stadium instead.
Mrs. Naik announced that a fell would be held in each of the wards of the Margao Municipal Council during Carnival. Each fell would have three parteo or skits and the concerned ward councilor has been given the freedom to select the fell to be staged.
However, she could not give the budget allocated by the committee for the float parade, intruz and fells thereby indicating that the committee has not really applied its mind to a proper organization but is merely going through the motions.
Besides, the issue of the bills of Rs 5 lakhs of last year has not been addressed by the committee even though quite a few of the members of the present committee were also members of the previous committee.

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