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Carnival Committee seeks more funds

Carnival committees across the state have urged the government to increase its funding for the festival’s organization to Rs 15 lakh.
A meeting on the carnival organization was held at the secretariat on Thursday, chaired by tourism secretary D C Sahoo. Present were tourism director Swapnil Naik, tourism officials, police officials and representatives from the carnival committees from Panaji, Mapusa, Margao and Vasco.
The carnival committees put forth their grievance that it was not feasible to conduct the festival with a budget of Rs 4 lakh, in the case of Panaji, and Rs 3 lakh, in the case of Mapusa, Margao and Vasco. Their contention was that the prize money which the government gives may be able to cover the prizes of the floats competition. But there are several other programmes and activities which go on for five days, beginning Friday evening extending till Tuesday evening, which need more funds, they pointed out to Sahoo.

Further, the carnival committees have also asked that the government relax the sound restrictions timings on the parade days.
Another request was put forward by representatives from Ponda that the town should be given permission to host a carnival parade, too.
Meanwhile, the ‘Panjim Carnival Committee 2011’ has elected a screening committee for floats in the capital city. The committee comprises Messias Tavares, Richard Gomes, John Dias, John Aguiar, Aaron S Teles and Cesar D’Mello.

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