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Cart For Anti-Corruption Rally By Ramdev Fan

Vijay Jadhav from Sangli in Maharashtra, a follower of Baba Ramdev, on Sunday launched a cart rally from Goa carrying message of anti-corruption. The rally will traverse through different parts of the country to end at Haridwar where the headquarters of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yog Trust is situated.
The two year long rally with Vijay pulling the cart aims at going through all the States in country, will first touch Nagpur in Maharashtra.

Speaking to media persons, Vijay said that though farmers have been committing suicide the government is insensitive to their plight and added that he is seeking to create an awareness amongst the people at large how corruption is affected all sections of society and destroying the nation.
He said by pulling the cart he is symbolizing the grim reality of people being forced to pull carts in the villages as the government money meant for them is not reaching them due to corruption. Incidentally, he had earlier pulled a cart from Sangli to Mumbai at the State’s secretariat.
Baba Ramdev at his anti-corruption meeting at Panjim on Friday had come out very strongly against corruption and illegal mining in Goa and his Bharat Swabhiman Trust has launched a nationwide movement against black money and corruption.
Noted Advocate Satish Sonak, a member of Bharat Swabhiman Trust asserted that the rally was not a political stunt and said it was a sincere effort to create awareness at the grass root level to weed out corruption.

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