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‘Casino capital’ Goa: Mahua Moitra slams G Kishan Reddy for tag showing ‘BJP’s poor mindset’

Panaji: AITC Goa In-Charge, Mahua Moitra today strongly condemned Union Tourism Minister, G Kishan Reddy for his remarks branding Goa as the ‘casino capital’ of the country. Speaking to the media, Mahua Moitra said she was surprised by the union minister’s comments, while adding that his choice of words reflected the poor mindset of the ruling BJP.

“The Union Tourism Minister came to Goa and said that people had already declared it the casino capital and that there would be nothing wrong if it was officially named, so if it helped the state. Human beings go to different cities in the world to do a lot of things. But I have not seen any official ministry give it a tag on that basis. There are people who go to Bangkok to do things they can’t do in their home-town. It doesn’t mean Bangkok will get that particular tag”, Moitra said.

Stating that G Kishan Reddy had crossed the line with his comments on Goa, the Lok Sabha MP said that what the people of Goa wanted was employment in respectable sectors which helped them to lead a good life. “Goans don’t want to live in a land which is called the land of casinos. They want a government that ensures that; not one that wants to name it as the casino capital”, said Mahua.

Goa TMC has pledged to raise its voice on behalf of Goans and promises to provide the credible alternative that the people of Goa rightfully deserve.

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