Casino Policy will be announced this month: Parrikar

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday announced that casino policy will be announced this month and once the Gaming Commissioner was appointed, local Goans will not be allowed to enter casinos from next year.

Speaking in the assembly, the Chief Minister said as a policy, Goans would not be permitted to enter the casino playing areas and a mechanism in this regard would be put in place once the Gaming Commissioner was appointed and appropriate rules for regulation would formulated.

The Chief Minister said offshore casinos operating in River Mandovi off the state capital would be relocated to special, designated zones would be notified by the government in the policy.

“Government shall identify notified designated zones where present offshore casinos can be shifted. Which means the government will notify zones,” he said, adding licences for offshore casinos would be issued provided they granted their willingness within a year’s time from the date of policy being declared to shift their operations to notified designated zones.

The six operating offshore casinos would be allowed to complete the relocation process, he said, adding licences for casino operations being granted in the designated zone could be considered for a tenure of ten to 15 years taking into account the huge investment required for such projects.

Savio Rodrigues

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