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Casinos mistreating Goan employees alleges Worker’s Union

The Goa Casino and Allied Workers’ Union accused the local management of the Khetrapal-Arora group of casinos (Casino Pride Group) of “ill-treating” the Goan staff, a charge denied by the management. The union also demanded the immediate arrest of the manager of Casino Pride in connection with an assault on a staff member, Ronny Alphonso, on October 14.

Alphonso, who works as the assistant F&B manager onboard Casino Pride, alleged that the management regularly abuses Goan staff.

The president of the union, Puti Gaonkar, threatened to launch a public agitation if the police do not arrest the manager and give protection to the Goan staff of casinos through the implementation of existing labour laws. Gaonkar said that the casinos are flouting all labour laws and that the labour department has become defunct. He accused the casino management of paying Goan staffers half the salary that is paid to the foreign staff “though both parties do the same work”.

Gaonkar said that because of the victimization, the Goan staff had formed a workers’ union, but the casino management responded by terminating some of the workers. “Formation of a union is a constitutional right,” Gaonkar said.

The general secretary of the union, Ganesh Kubal, said that though Alphonso had filed a police complaint on October 18, the police had not acted on the complaint. “Are the casinos operating under the protection of the government?” Kubal asked.

Besides addressing a letter to the Delhi owners of the casino group, the casino workers’ union also dashed off a letter to Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar alleging irregularities in casino operations and demanding that these be set right. When contacted, Pride’s operations in-charge Srinivas Nayak flatly denied the allegations. “All allegations are false and made to malign my reputation by G S Kubal for his own vested interests,” Nayak said.


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