Casio India launched its brand new CT-X series portable keyboards

Casio India has launched its brand-new CT-X series of portable keyboards.

“The launch of this Series marks a historic moment in Casio’s tradition of introducing new products based on real-world feedback from Indian customers in order to grow the market. The new CT-X8000IN, CT-X9000IN & CT-X870IN have been specially designed for India and have advanced specifications for advanced beginners to serious performers and players,” the release stated.

All models feature the new AiX Sound Source*1 leveraging expertise that Casio accumulated in developing sound sources for its digital pianos. The AiX Sound Source allows the CT-X keyboards to faithfully reproduce the appealing sound of acoustic instruments such as guitars, drums, basses, brass, wind instruments, string ensembles and more.

“The CT-X series represents an unprecedented level of sound quality for Casio which is a direct result of the new AiX processor,” said Kulbhushan Seth, Vice President of Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd.

“We at Casio India have always worked towards developing the market and following our philosophy of creativity and contribution, strive towards developing such great products with high quality features which further expand the market. The economical pricing of the CT-X series is bound to help high grade students and performers, in making the right keyboards for their needs affordable,” he adds.

Furthermore, these new keyboards have been introduced as perfect tools to grow overall Indian music market, as lot of regional feedback has been taken in account while developing this keyboards to fulfill India specific requirements such as Indian Folk & Regional Keyboard players using the keyboard for performances in Jagrans, Bhajans, Kathas/Kirtans, Festival performances, Bollywood/Entertainment Performances.

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