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Caste/Varna-which system into existence?

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The caste system is something that concerns us each time. The era of modernity still witnesses the torment called discrimination despite the educated society at large. But do you know where it came from? What was its origin? Is the word caste been mentioned in the ancient texts which guide humans till today? There come many questions in mind when the word ‘caste’ comes across.

Who invented the Caste system?

The caste system in its general grasp is taken as a system that directly or indirectly singles out the individuals according to their castes in the society, depriving the lower ones of necessities, livelihood, general opportunities, and their role as an individual in the society. Learning more about it, let us understand that patriarchy is in all of them viz. Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. But to wrack and ruin it we should pull it out from the roots.

The word ‘caste’ came from Spanish in Portuguese word ‘Casta’. The word was first used in 1569, a few years later Portuguese’s East India company came into India in 1628. There were many East India companies – British, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, French, Danish. They all came to lotus but in our textbooks, we’re only taught about British. So, when the Portuguese came to India, they used the word ‘caste’ and started dividing us. This was again picked by Britishers and they happily divided us and ruled this.

Divide and Rule policy – it doesn’t work here in Bharat because this is the land where we always talked about the union, not as teaching just as an understanding of the existence. On top of it, Max Muller wrote false translations of our books, a fake narrative of our sage’s wisdom and we blindly followed it and ended up like this.

Now a question raises in some minds that we had the ‘Jaati system’! but do you know the fact! The word ‘Jaati’ in reality is nowhere used in any of our shastras or books. We’d Varna system. There’s no match between the Varna system and Jaati (Caste). The question here arises then What does ‘Dalit’ fall under? Dalit is a made-up name. There are only four Varnas namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. Dalit in Hindi means (jiska dalan kiya gaya ho) meaning who got suppressed. The fact said above is too written in ‘Manusmriti’.

First-line says Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and Vaishyas are ‘Dwij’. Dwij in its genuine sense means ‘Reborn’ (meaning in the same life one getting a new life).

Even today there are so many living beings who are called Dwijas. So only Shudra gets only one life. This isn’t said on lower caste, this means on who’s low in wisdom. So, one can become a great leader reversed by many people but nothing about the cosmos is a Shudra. In Manusmriti verse 90, it is said that there’s no 5th varna and people blame Manusmriti that it is discriminating against Dalit but there’s no mention of Dalits at all. Firstly, we all should understand that the varna system is not according to the family in which you’re born, it’s according to the level of knowledge and awareness you own. One of the verses of sacred Manusmriti tells the same.

which says according to the wisdom a Shudra can become a Brahmin and Brahmin can become a Shudra and the same with the other two. The instances of the same can be traced from ‘Vishnu Puran’ too.


Why did Dr. Ambedkar tear Manusmriti?

‘Discrimination’ word is coined by many in today’s era. Well, there’s no written evidence of it in any ancient text or scriptures. During Tipu Sultan’s reign lakhs of Brahmins were brutally killed by him, like in many other rulers who killed Brahmins then why aren’t Brahmins called victims? Because it does not suit the propaganda of pseudo-liberals. Even Kshatriyas and Shudras were killed in large numbers.

Britishers were able to brainwash people on this and then the so-called upper caste people started discriminating. People started tying themselves to certain castes and during the pre-independence era, the discrimination towards the Shudra was very high (caste-based not varna based). No opportunity for Shudras to study and excel in their living. But linking this all to Upanishad and culture is pure propaganda and stupidity.

Mr. Ambedkar on tearing the Manusmriti proved that he didn’t know about it and the text written in Sanskrit and all that he did was to just understand fake translations from the book of Max Muller and he has provided such proof in his book ‘Who were the Shudras?’ on page 5 of his book, he has printed it.

Mr. Ambedkar should have learned Sanskrit, he instead relied on Max Muller who only ran propaganda. He read half-truth and it carried on the same. But Mr. Ambedkar can’t be blamed for such, as Shudras were treated worse by upper caste people just like slaves.

In his book, it can be seen that he had taken the reference of Max Muller’s book / false translations more than 20 times. One of the instances is given at the end of page 14 and the beginning of page 15.

Sutra and Shlokas are different. The Sutra which he quoted was the 4th and 5th sutra which was correct but he was so brainwashed from the half-truth that he missed the sutras from 14 to 18 which said we had the beautiful system in ancient days, from whom a student learns about dharma is called ‘Acharya’, he should not be insulted because he gives birth through knowledge and that birth through knowledge is ultimate. Parents give birth only to the body. When it is Guru who helps humans transform and become a Dwija. So, superiority due to birth in Sutra means birth due to knowledge. Mr. Ambedkar failed to understand the concept of Dwija even after reading translations for 15 long years.

To understand these things, one needs to be soaked in spirituality. Britain-funded propagandist translators did this to create a divide between us and we fell into the trap.

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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