Catholic global organisation of nuns denounce ‘culture of silence and secrecy’ over sexual abuse

Rome, Nov 24 (GCCurrentAffairs)The Catholic Church’s global organisation of nuns has denounced the “culture of silence and secrecy” surrounding sexual abuse in the church and is urging sisters who have been abused to report the crimes to police and their superiors, AFP reported.

The International Union of Superiors General, which represents more than 500,000 sisters worldwide, vowed to help nuns who have been abused to find the courage to report it, and pledged to help victims heal and seek justice.

The statement, issued on the eve of the UN-designated International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, was the first from the Rome-based UISG since the abuse scandal erupted anew this year and as the sexual abuse of adult nuns by clergymen has also come to light. The AP reported earlier this year that the Vatican has known for decades about the problem of priests and bishops preying on nuns, but has done next to nothing to stop it.

“We condemn those who support the culture of silence and secrecy, often under the guise of ‘protection’ of an institution’s reputation or naming it ‘part of one’s culture,’” the group said.

“We advocate for transparent civil and criminal reporting of abuse whether within religious congregations, at the parish or diocesan levels, or in any public arena,” the statement said.

Interestingly in India in the case of rape of 44-yr old nun by the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal, the Mother Superior of the Missionaries of Jesus congregation has decided to side with the accused rapist than with the nun, who was raped 13 times.


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