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Caurem Villages To Continue Stir Against Mining

Although mining activity has come to a standstill with the onset of monsoons, Caurem villagers have decided to continue their agitation against illegal mining and pollution to ensure that these two problems do not raise their heads again once the monsoons are over.

The villagers who laid a vigil on the mining truck movement since 13th April have lifted this unique form of agitation but vowed to continue to protect their village and its surroundings from the ill of rampant and illegal mining.
The villagers’ unity was the key to the success of their agitation said Tulsidas Gaonkar a local leader. The villagers besides laying siege to the road passing through their village also staged sit-ins in government offices to ensure that illegal mining operations were closed down.
In fact, the agitation by the villagers was so successful, that the authorities even arrested and detained nearly the whole village in a bid to allow the mining trucks to continue transporting ore.
Their agitation took a bad turn when Nilesh Gaonkar, president of the Caurem Adivasi Bachao Samiti was brutally assaulted by unknown assailants while proceeding to work at Verna Industrial Estate.

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