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Cavorim Communidade To Act Against Former President

The General Body of Cavorim Communidade took some very harsh decisions at its meeting held on Sunday which included lodging a police complaint against the former president and also objecting to the Administrator breaching protocol and procedures laid down in the Code of Communidades.
Taking serious note of the former President Aniceto Menezes suo motto issuing a NOC to one Christopher Furtado to extract basalt from communidade property, the general body directed the managing committee to lodge a police complaint against him for breach of trust and fraud.

Besides, the managing committee was also asked to initiate proceedings against the former president for not only violating the procedures laid down in the Code of Communidades but also acting against the interest of the Communidade.
It may be pertinent to note that residents of Cavorim have for quite a number of years now been protesting against the lease granted by the Communidade to the said Christopher as the explosives used by him are causing a nuisance to them.
The Communidade components also took a serious note of the office of the Administrator of Communidades South Goa breaching the laid down procedure and accepting applications for renewal of leases instead of directing the parties to submit the same to the Communidade.
The Administrator’s office forwarded an application by the same Christopher Furtado to renew his lease which has expired on 30th March 2010 and was fraudulently renewed till November 2010 by the former President.
The Managing Committee was directed to ask the Administrator to first submit his report on the complaint made by the committee against the said Christopher Furtado for trespassing into Communidade land and continuing with the quarrying operations even though the lease has expired.
In another important decision, the General Body constituted a sub-committee comprising of five components to identify all the encroachments on Communidade properties in the village and assist the Attorney in acting against them.

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