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CBI Inquiry In Police-Drug Dealer Nexus?

Put on the back foot not only by the Opposition but even by some of its own MLAs, the Digambar Kamat led government is reportedly handing over the investigations in the police-drug dealer nexus to the Central Bureau of Investigations.
The government has taken a severe beating particularly Home Minister Ravi Naik after the latest expose wherein Police Sub-Inspector Sunil Gudlar was caught on camera not only selling drugs but also admitting to corruption in the department and abuse of official position.
Given the fact that this issue is going to be raised in the Assembly sessions scheduled to commence on 31st January, the government is apparently planning to announce its decision to hand over the investigations to the CBI in a bid to take the wind from the Opposition’s sails.

Apparently, Chief Secretary S K Srivastava, who is also the Secretary for Home has already moved a file sanctioning a CBI investigation in the matter and it only needs the Chief Minister’s approval. Digambar Kamat is reported to have discussed this aspect with Home Minister Ravi Naik and got his nod too in order to take the sting out of the opposition attack.
Digambar Kamat is reportedly planning to announce the handing over the investigations to CBI on the floor of the house thereby defusing the heated exchange of words anticipated over the matter.


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