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CBI To Question Lucky Farmhouse

With the Central Bureau of Investigations registering two cases in the infamous police-drug dealer nexus, Lucky Farmhouse whose post on U-Tube exposed the nexus will be the agency’s key witness.
CBI Superintendent of Police S S Gavli while admitting that Lucky was a key witness, said she would be questioned at an appropriate moment.
It maybe recalled that the Goa Police did not question Lucky even though she was in India and had expressed her willingness to give her statement to the police.
The police-drug dealer nexus was exposed after Lucky posted her video clip of her ex-boyfriend Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, an Israeli drug dealer bragging about his links the police.
This resulted in the suspension and arrest of seven police men including Police Inspector Ashish Shirodkar.
The CBI on Thursday said they will either call Lucky or contact her wherever she is available. Lucky a model by profession had used a spycam to record her boyfriend’s boast.
She had also claimed that politician’s son was involved and revealed that she had left India fearing her life.

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