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CCP’s New Committees

Yatin Parekh was formally elected Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP) defeating Panjim First’s candidate Vaidehi Naik at the elections held on Tuesday with Education Minister Babush Monserrate remaining present.
While Yatin Parekh polled 16 votes, Vaidehi Naik garnered 12 votes and the two independent Corporators Surendra Furtado and his wife Ruth Furtado abstained from voting.
Similarly, Rudresh Chodankar was elected the Deputy Mayor by the same margin defeating Shubham Chodankar.

Various committees of the Corporation were also constituted, which are as follows:
STANDING COMMITTEE: Yatin Parekh, Rudresh Chodankar, Maria Rita Fernandes, Edi Jorge, Surendra Furtado and Shubham Chodankar. This committee was elected unanimously.
PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE: Tony Rodrigues, Carolina Po, Prajot Vaigankar, Krishna Shirodkar, Bento Lorenco, Shweta Lotlikar and Shekhar Degvekar.
PUBLIC HEALTH & MARKET COMMITTEE: Yatin Parekh, Rudresh Chodankar, Kabir Pinto Makhija, Gangaram Kale, Margarida Coelho, Vaidehi Naik and Ratnakar Fatrpekar.
WOMEN & CHILD WELFARE COMMITTEE: Maria Rita Fernandes, Carolina Po, Vivina Nasnodkar, Margarida Coelho, Pascoela Mascarenhas, Diksha Mayenkar and Sheetal Naik.

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